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All Fictional & Real Life (Short) Stories are © by our Author.
Note: All characters in the stories are fictional. Similarity with existing persons is based on coincidence, or not...

Time of the Year for Surveys

It is almost the end of the year. The time that many companies request an honest opinion from their employees. To give them, the employees, the opportunity to be completely honest about how they think about the employer. The employer does this, mostly, by sending them an “anonymous” link for the yearly survey. Because surveys are the key to improvement.

Often the survey will be done by another company. To give at least a bit of impression that it can be filled in completely honest. Without being sanctioned later because you were completely honest. Yet, are you sure that this company doesn’t have any connection (sister company, in the same holding etc.) as the employer? 100% Sure?

Is the email address you can contact them about questions about the survey an email address from the firm doing the survey? Or is it, like often, an email address from the company you are filling in the survey for? Your employer?

Do They, the Companies, Want Honesty?

Many companies offer once a year the possibility for employees the possibility to give their honest opinion. About how they feel about the company, the department etc.
Anonymous. Do they want to know your truth? Are the surveys anonymous? And can you give your honest opinion without with punished afterwards?

Are Surveys Anonymous?

The only time a survey is completely anonymous is when you get the survey printed, there are no numbers/names on it that can be related to a certain person. The pens to fill in the survey are equal for all. And there is a huge opaque box somewhere, closed with a lock, where employees can put in the filled-in papers.

In other words, when you receive a link for your online survey they are NOT, never, anonymous. NEVER! And, it is always possible to check who filled in that particular survey. An honest company will never check this, but be aware, there are enough companies where employees needed to explain themselves after filling in a survey completely honest. Yes, the so-called “anonymous” survey.

Does Your Employer/Company want your Honest Truth?

For sure, there will be some who do want your truth. These are the companies where managers listen to the people on the work floor. Respect them. These are the companies where vice versa the managers are respected by the employees.

The companies where people during daily work feel safe to contact their manager because they are being respected. Not being ignored and having to wait over and over for an answer to a question they asked (tip for managers: answer! NO is an answer too when something is not possible. And a way better answer than no answer at all!) but never comes.

Many companies do not want your truth. They want to get as high as possible (best number 1) on certain lists so they can attract new clients. Therefore, they try to influence your answers. Sometimes it is straightforward. There will be prizes to win (real example) when you’ve informed the company that the survey has been fulfilled.

Many Companies don’t want your Honesty.

They want to get on the top of certain lists, to attrackt more clients.

Author Scribbles & Novellas

Other times it is more sneaky. What follows is my experience from a few days ago. First of all, you need to know that I have stated many things. Asked many questions. The stated things (that quantity is more important (there is a bonus for it!) than quality for example. The questions I have asked were mostly ignored. Not only by the management but also by HR and other departments.

On to the sneaky way of influence within this company. I was told to fill in the survey together with my Teamlead because of technical issues (they must think I am completely stupid to believe such kind of nonsense). The survey was done by Kincentric.

Sadly for my employer, I already did the survey about 1,5 hours before I received the message I had to do it with my TL. So, I told him this.
Then I was asked to share the outcome (remember it was anonymous!). And, when I said that I didn’t know the outcome I was asked to click on the personal link again so I could view the outcome.

Image by Katie White from Pixabay

DUH! Anonymous? No way. Trying to influence the outcome. FOR SURE! T E L U S, you should be ashamed, very, very ashamed! Therefore, I said I deleted the link already. And I could not check the outcome.

Respect Surveys?

Do I respect surveys? Do I fill them?
Respect depends on how the information is sent to me. What kind of info is given? When a company claims that it is anonymous while sending a link, I lose directly the respect for a huge part. Depending also on how my feelings are about the company at that time.

Do I do them? Yes, always. Well, at least when I receive the invitation on time. Meaning that I am not on vacation and the timeframe is very tight. Which sometimes happened in the past.

The little respect I still had left for the managers & company I work for now, although it wasn’t much, is gone. Completely gone! And I can tell you it is forever for this company. The way they tried to influence me. Saying I had to fill in the survey with the TL.

Also, the email address where questions, complaints etc. could be asked/filed. An email address within the company. Yeah right! No way I will file a complaint there. There are other ways. Kincentric has email addresses on their website. I might not be able to outrun them, but I can outsmart them…

On to Past Surveys

Some years ago, when I lived and worked in Malta. I discussed this with the CEO/owner of the company. A real honest and open discussion. About a survey. It started with the sending of a Survey link, and it was called anonymous. On which I reacted that a link never is anonymous. At that time I didn’t know that the replies were going to the CEO directly.

During that discussion, we talked about the anonymity of a survey. He completely agreed with me that the way of doing surveys now, via a link in the email or on the internet, isn’t anonymous at all. It was a company from which their main core still is how to keep companies and private persons safe on the internet.

Another time there was a, also so-called anonymous, survey. The first 3 questions were:
1) How long ago did you join the company (dived in 5 possibilities);
2) What department did you join;
3) You had to choose male/female and your age category.

I was the only one hired within the time frame, for that department with that gender/age. Yep, I filled it honestly. And in the open field for comments, I wrote my name and some comments about how they already knew who I was due to the questions asked. I have to give the manager credit that he came later to talk about this with me (the comments were sent by the company surveying the company I worked for). What at that time nerved me the most, was again that was said that it was completely anonymous. With a link, with the first 3 questions asked? No way!

Am I Always Completely Honest with Surveys?

Yes, I am. Even when I still working in the company and do not have the intention to leave. Even when I don’t feel that anonymity is being respected. Yes, even then.

Do Most Companies want You to be Honest?

No, I don’t think that most companies want you to be honest. This is my opinion.
They want to be praised. Glorified. So prospect clients believe they are a great company to work for and the employers will do everything to keep the customers of the prospect clients happy. These companies, in the end, will not survive. Oh yeah, they might flourish in the beginning. But finally, employees will leave and they will find it harder every time to find new employees who want to stay a long time.


There are companies, where employees have to explain why they were negative in their answers to the survey. Others, people I know, have been sanctioned with an official warning. A warning for being honest in a survey. These are no companies you want to work for. Try to avoid them!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I know I am pretty difficult for managers. Well, no, that isn’t true. I am only difficult when they do not communicate. Don’t give answers. NO is an answer too, I always say. And I rather hear a 1 million times a NO, than that, I am being ignored and not being answered.

Helping Karma

Featured Image by bluebudgie from Pixabay

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All Fictional & Real Life (Short) Stories are © by our Author.
Note: All characters in the stories are fictional. Similarity with existing persons is based on coincidence, or not...

Love tea? Buy a marvelous quality (loose) tea and get £5 off your order!
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