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All Fictional & Real Life (Short) Stories are © by our Author.
Note: All characters in the stories are fictional. Similarity with existing persons is based on coincidence, or not...

Focus on Being Good

Instead of Being Beautiful on the Outside

Since Social Media became very important, people focus more and more on being Beautiful instead of on being Good. Being a Good Person. Instagram is a good example of this, here almost only the Beautiful counts.

There it is mainly about looks and nothing else. And, in my opinion, it is terrible, that the amount of followers of on the outside beautiful people exceeds the number of followers of people who really have to say something.

Being Good is Better!

Where in earlier time you might become famous because of your skills, your knowledge or talent. These times it is only about your looks. You can be dumb, completely without talent but have millions of followers on Instagram. And why? I have no idea!

Because you were born with good looks? And you post photos and/or videos daily several times on Instagram? About what you do (shopping) or eating. Of course in often expensive clothes. Wearing expensive and/or too much make-up. That is why you became famous? Mainly amongst teenagers & young adults.

Selfie-posting frequency can be predicted by grandiose narcissism, study finds

And the more followers you gain, the more producers of clothes & make-up will contact you. Because you now are a so-called influencer.

For me, a selfie stick is the most idiotic and narcissistic device ever. Do you think you are that important that everyone wants to see your selfies? Yeah, you probably do think so. What other reason is there to take them? You won’t keep them only on your device. Nope, you add them to your Social Media account. All over.

Standing in the way of other people viewing a monument, disturbing them with your selfie stick trying to make a photo with yourself and that monument. Keeping the stick as far as possible from yourself so the surroundings will be on the photo also. That you bothering others, who cares? You are the most important, aren’t you?

Excessive posting of selfies is associated with increase in narcissism

Being Good

I know many will say “she is jealous”. That, I am not. Don’t flatter yourself.
What I don’t understand, and never will understand, is that humanity became so shallow that the looks of a person are more important than the personality of someone.

Beautiful on the Outside is just the Outside…

Being beautiful on the outside fades when you become older. While being beautiful on the inside stays with you your whole life. In my opinion, this is more beautiful than the most beautiful look ever can be!
When people follow you because of your looks only, there comes a time they stop following you. Or when your youthful looks fade. And, when they find out you have nothing to offer but good looks.

IMHO the ultimate negative part of Social Media is that it adds fuel to the already growing numbers of narcissistic people. There are already too many Narcissists in the world. And this behaviour makes it worse.

Swansea University study says selfies fuel narcissism

Being Good Hopefully becomes Important Again

I really hope that very soon, although I doubt it, being good becomes more important again than being beautiful! And that the growth of the amount of Narcissistic Persons will stop. Because, otherwise, within a few decades the majority of human beings will be narcissistic.

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All Fictional & Real Life (Short) Stories are © by our Author.
Note: All characters in the stories are fictional. Similarity with existing persons is based on coincidence, or not...

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