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All Fictional & Real Life (Short) Stories are © by our Author.
Note: All characters in the stories are fictional. Similarity with existing persons is based on coincidence, or not...

Broken Trust, Being Lied To

What Hardly can be Restored? Broken Trust!

Is there something worse than broken trust? She asked herself. Words that were told by him to her that he hadn’t followed up from the beginning of their “relationship”.

She had told him often that she understood everything. Everything! Not that she agreed with everything, but she was able to understand every side of a story. How terrible that story maybe would be.

And then, somewhere in the beginning of April, he contacted her again. There had been some contact via email. This time he was telling her she was still in his heart. That he loved, loves, her very much and wasn’t able to forget her.

He told her that he wanted a real relationship with her. Forever. Not a fling or a one-night stand. No, real love. Everlasting love. This time their renewed contact… It lasted only a few days.

One of the first messages he did send her, “are we going to call each other every day now?” She was flabbergasted. Couldn’t believe it. This, what she wanted so much.

And, how stupid, she fell for it again. A clearly very bright and intelligent woman falling again for a person who can’t be trusted to do what he is saying. Not at all. All the things he said that Friday he contacted her again, he didn’t do as promised the next Saturday already.

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He contacted her on a Friday and promised to call her the next Saturday. During their text messages that Saturday, he promised her again that he for sure would call her. Of course, it didn’t happen. It was not the first time he didn’t follow up on the promise. And why not?

She still had no idea. Was it anxiety? Afraid of what she would think of his voice? What was it? It immensely hurt her that he didn’t follow up on his promise. She sighed and thought, “I will never get an answer about this. Never. This is lost time, he is not worth my very deep soul level love for him”.

Although that Saturday felt like hell, they were in contact again on Sunday. She excused herself for breaking up that Saturday. He never excuses himself for not calling. No explanation, nothing. She didn’t ask. Knowing there would not be an honest answer.

Sunday they agreed that she would call him Monday in the afternoon. He promised he would pick up the phone. Although she did feel it already he would not, she was willing to give it a try. They agreed on the time when the call would take place.

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Monday came and they spoke a little. Again, he promised her he would pick up the phone. And again it would be as false as possible. She already felt it, but she wanted to believe him so terribly. In the afternoon, he asked her to change the time of their call. No problem.

She asked him if this was him cancelling. No answer. So, she called newly upon the agreed time. And what she already felt would happen… He didn’t pick up the phone how often she tried. No answer at all.

In the morning after, she received an email. That he didn’t feel well yesterday. That he would stay in bed and go to the doctor. Guess what?! She didn’t believe him. And she told him to call her when he would take their “relationship” seriously.

He never called…

Trust is something that can be broken very fast when people over and over again don’t do what they say they will do. You can give them few other changes. But when their actions don’t follow their promises, walk away! They are not worth your efforts nor your love. Even not when you love them deeply….

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Returning the Favour


Flirting from his side

Flirting with me became more and more over time. In the beginning, I didn’t notice it. Better, I did notice it but ignored it.
2017-July/August 2020

Contact Intensified, His Choice

Flirting from his side intensified. And he told me he never could forget me. But that time wasn’t right in 2017/2018.
I told him that I didn’t want to be the extra woman, and he told me I would never be. I still was very sceptical.
July/August 2020

Soulmate and more lies

He was wooing me and our contact intensified. Deep conversations and he told me he is in love with me. My feelings for him grew also. He told me that he never felt this before. That I am his soulmate and that he wants to grow old with me. That this is no fling, but deep true love.
And stupid me… I fell for it.
And then… He started to ignore me completely. Completely. Without any warning. I became very angry. Being ignored is the worst thing you can do to anyone you are in a relationship with.
August/September/October 2020

No Contact At All

A few months without contact.
November/December 2020

Back in Contact

Stupid me did send a message to wish him the best for 2021.
Immediately, our contact intensified. As if nothing had happened. He told me he still loved me deeply and never wants to be without me anymore.
The contact was good.
January 2021

Again I am being Ignored

And there it started again, the ignoring, 100% from his side. He told me excuses like “my telephone didn’t work”, “I don’t feel well”. Etc. etc. Lies, I now think. Not once he ever apologized.
Again we had some off contact time.
February 2021

And There he was Again…

One day, I received a message that he was missing me and that he learned it is not good for a relationship to ignore the one you love. He asked me if we can call every day. Which surprised me. I asked him if he was sure. And he promised me he was. The first time we made an appointment, he didn’t call me. Even though he promised to do it a few hours before. I was very angry. But we agreed I would call him.
That day, he requested another time. No problem. Of course, he didn’t pick up the phone.
A few days later, he contacted me again. The contact was good for a few days. After a few days, I didn’t hear anything at all from him. Only the message that he didn’t feel well. And that was the end of all the contact.
He never ever replied anymore. Nothing at all!
March/April 2021

No Contact At All

I blocked him on all Social Media. And I deleted his telephone number from my cell phone.
He treated me like S*** and I called it love.
May 2021

Life Goes On

Although I am still hurt enormous, I have to go on. And protect other women from being hurt by this evil creature.
June 2021 and beyond

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All Fictional & Real Life (Short) Stories are © by our Author.
Note: All characters in the stories are fictional. Similarity with existing persons is based on coincidence, or not...

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